It Will Be Ok (Book Review)

It Will Be Ok is a new picture book that features a story of empathy, kindness and friendship. This book is a wonderful way to discuss fears with your children, to show them that you will be there for them, and to remind them that in the end it will be ok.

It Will Be Ok

Giraffe and Zebra are friends who walk to the watering hole every day, but today Giraffe is hiding because he’s scared of a spider. Despite Zebra pointing out that Giraffe is much bigger, stronger and faster than the small spider he’s still scared. Zebra waits for Giraffe who eventually comes down, and he’s so grateful that his friend stayed by him.

Giraffe, feeling brave with Zebra by his side, wants to talk to the spider now, but as it turns out the spider is scared of Giraffe! And so the two friends wait together for the spider to come down now too.

It Will Be Ok is a fantastic tool to chat to your children about their anxiety, what they can do to help these feelings of worry, and even how to be empathetic and help a friend too. Your children will laugh at the lovely illustrations of Giraffe and Zebra that accompany this fun story which delivers an important message.

It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenbegrer and Jaclyn Sinquett is recommended for children aged four to eight years.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing this book with us.

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