When you are mine (Book Review)

When you are mine is an engaging new thriller from Michael Robotham. As with the other thrillers I’ve read by this author, it’s easy to pick up and read but hard to put down.

When you are mine

Philomena McCarthy is desperate to separate herself from her father’s side of the family. Determined to prove she’s more than just the daughter of a notorious London gangster, Phil becomes a police officer. But after she responds to a domestic assault and meets Tempe Brown a chain of events is set into motion that will change her life forever.

Tempe needs a little help getting back on her feet and to escape her abusive boyfriend, a decorated detective who is now threatening her. Phil is warned to walk away but chooses instead to ignore the threats and prove the detective is not who everyone thinks he is. As she gets more involved the danger continues to spiral and it becomes clear that there are many who will stop at nothing to show she’s no better than her father with has criminal ties.

Phil doesn’t realise just how manipulative Tempe is being and how much of her own past she’s trying to run from. As the ghosts of the past haunt Phil’s present, she must now accept her father’s help to try and save her future.

The story in When you are mine is excellently crafted and captivating, balancing the delicate emotions of family and love with the thrill of murder and mystery.

When you are mine is available for a recommended retail price of R335. I would assign a trigger warning to this book for abuse.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishes for sharing this book with me.

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