Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds

The Baby Alive brand has arrived in South Africa, offering young children the opportunity to enjoy real nurturing play moments with sweet dolls that can talk, eat, drink, wet and laugh. We were so excited to receive a special Baby Alive bib from Hasbro, telling us about a new arrival who was expected in July 2019. A few days later the The Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds arrived with us.

Both of my children have always enjoyed playing with dolls, I love seeing how their imaginations are fired as they are captivated in the role play that dolls encourage. Another aspect of playing with dolls that I love is that it encourages nurturing and caring, as well as empathy and understanding of taking care of others. This applies to both girls and boys, they will after all both grow up to be moms and dads, and maybe even one day become nurses, doctors and more!

The Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds is such a sweet doll, and she makes ten real baby sounds too. If she’s unhappy just pop her dummy in to soothe her and she will make sucking noises, but she also cries, laughs, yawns and babbles. She reacts when you lay her down, and also when you lift her up, making the play realistic for little ones. She comes with a floral dress which you can take off and put on again, and the dummy is attached to her dress with a ribbon. She’s articulated so you can move her arms up and down as well as her legs at the hips to make her sit, and her head can also turn.  She’s a small doll so will be a perfect match for even small children, but Amy (now 5) loves that she is also small enough to take on outings with us too.

The Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds is available from toy shops and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R315. You can also keep a look out for Baby Alive Shimmer ‘n Splash Mermaid who can drink and wet her nappy as well as go in the bath, Baby Alive Snackin’ Shapes Baby who can be fed with the fun pasta included and dirties her nappy,  and the Baby Alive Sweet Spoonful’s Baby who drinks and eats and also requires nappy changes.

Thanks to Hasbro for sharing this sweet doll with us.

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