Disney Doorables Mini Display Set

If you love Disney and enjoy collectables then Disney Doorables is going to rock your world! With Disney Doorables you will be able to collect the different themed packs and stack them to create a new adventure where your imagination is the only limit to  your storytelling possibilities.

The Disney Doorables Mini Display Set includes one playset and two mini accessories. You’ll also get two mini collectable Disney figures in your set, one will be an exclusive figure and one a surprise one from a Disney movie. As with most collectables there’s a lot of excitement when unwrapping the set, and your children will love the big glittery door of the playset and the Disney figures with their sparkling glitter eyes. There is also a figurine stand to display the figures should you choose to.

If you buy multiple sets you’ll be able to connect and stack the playsets and build your own magical world to play with and explore. The sets are available in different Disney themes, so you’ll be able to mix these themes and use them to inspire your own new Disney stories. We got the Beauty and the Beast inspired set, but the range includes Frozen, Moana, Tangled, Mickey and many more.

The Disney Doorables Mini Display Set is available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R159.99. You can also look out for the themed playset, mini peek pack and multi peek playset to build your collection.

Thanks to Prima Toys for introducing us to the Disney Doorables.

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