Harvest Moon: One World (Game Review)

Harvest Moon: One World is a new farming simulator for the Nintendo Switch, a game that has kept the whole family entertained as we built our farm and explored this world of adventure.

As you set up your farm in Calisson you’ll learn how to manage the growing responsibilities, from tilling the land, collecting seeds from Harvest Whisps, planting them and making sure they are watered and finally reaping the crops. You’ll need to eat some of the food too and be able to sell the rest to gather funds.

As you save you can buy farm animals to fill your barn including chickens, sheep, horses, cows and dogs. You’ll have to feed them and clean up their living area too of course, but they love getting petted and can give you eggs and milk in return. The horse is very handy to help you navigate the regions, making travel to the different areas quicker. You can move from your home to the tropical seaside, the desert and even the snowy mountains.

As you move around the regions you will meet different characters, if you complete the various tasks you will be rewarded with items. This ranges from sharing certain food you’ve grown to collecting wood to repair bridges. You will make friends and can eventually even choose to marry one of your suitors.

Each day in the game you will have a set amount of energy, and as the time passes and you are busy chopping trees or looking after your crops that energy will drop. You’ll need to eat food to sustain your energy and ultimately sleep to restore it.

Soon enough you will unlock the ability to travel between the regions, making it much easier to explore and take care of any crops you may have planted in other areas. Seeds grow differently depending on where you plant them so you’ll need to learn about the different farming practices in each climate. The Expando-Farm can even be taken with you, giving you the opportunity to move your farm somewhere else.

We loved growing our farm together: watching the baby chicks grow into chickens who laid eggs for us; grooming our cow who eventually gave us milk; using the compost from the barn to help grow our crops; harvesting our fruit and vegetables and saving for more animals to add to the farmyard fun. As much as we laughed we learned too, and the children loved tending to the animals and crops and exploring the surrounds as much as we did.

Harvest Moon: One World is a fantastic farming simulator game, giving you the chance to learn how to manage a growing farm while having fun exploring the world. Mom and Dad may even have carried on playing many nights once the kiddies were in bed, taking care of the farm may be quite hard work but it becomes slightly addictive too!

Harvest Moon: One World is available for a recommended retail price of R929 from the Nintendo eStore.

Harvest Moon: One World

There are also four DLC packs to look forward to, including an Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack that allows you to customize the interior of your house and upgrade your farming tools and the Far East Adventure Pack which gives you a new chapter in the game with a new land, new crops and animals as well as new characters. There is also the Precious Pets Pack which launches later this month which gives you 12 unique animals and the Mythical Wild Animals Pack which launches in May and brings 10 wild animals.

Thanks to Nintendo South Africa for sharing this fun game with us.

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