We’ve Got Talent (Book Review)

Gone are the days of putting our kids in pre-conceived boxes, when blue was for boys and pink was for girls. We’re raising the new generation where boys can play with dolls and girls with race cars. Yet I still find myself fighting against old-fashioned beliefs every now and again, and so sharing the message that we can be who we are no matter what is still so important to me as a mom.

So I was delighted to read the new We’ve Got Talent by Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles. This fun new children’s picture book is a gender-busting story about being who you are and doing what you love.

We've Got Talent

Olivia and Sam are so excited to try out for the school play, the girl bunny and boy rhino practise hard for their auditions. But both are gutted to not get the parts they wanted, for even though we presumed the girl would like the role of the dancing princess and the boy would like to be brave sir knight that’s not the case.

The duo does their best in rehearsals, but when their assigned roles are just not working out they hatch a plan! Opening night is a big success but what will their parents and their teacher think?

We’ve Got Talent is more than just a fun story with lovely bright illustrations, it gives you the opportunity to discuss the important message of embracing what you love and just being yourself.

We’ve Got Talent is available for a recommended retail price of R168.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with us.

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