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Five new children’s picture books your whole family will love

There is a wonderful selection of new picture books for children available for children aged three to seven years, with everything from a new story from popular children’s author Julia Donaldson to a story featuring a bushbaby and even a lion wearing socks! With everything going on in the world around us, there’s never been a better time to sit down with your child and spend some time together reading these fun new adventures. Which do you think will be your little one’s favourite?

Five new children's picture books your whole family will love

The Hospital Dog (Julia Donaldson, Sara Ogilvie – R200)

The Hospital Dog is a new book from Julia Donaldson and Sara Ogilvie, the creators of the wonderful The Detective Dog. This charming picture book stars Dot the hospital dog and is a story about kindness, bravery and friendship. The children of Wallaby Ward are always happy to see Dot, who helps them to forget about feeling scared, bored or lonely at the hospital. But who will visit Dot when she’s injured and forced to rest at home? With gentle rhyme, a catchy repetitive refrain and beautiful colour illustrations it won’t take long for your children to fall in love with this heartwarming story. Find out more in my review of The Hospital Dog.

The Hospital Dog

Don’t be Shy, Bushbaby (Avril van der Merwe, Heidi-Kate Greeff – R100)

This fun story will have your children giggling over the antics of the animals in the book. Convinced he’s shy, the animals try to wake a sleeping bushbaby and coax him out of his hole in the tree. But it’s only at night when owl calls that bushbaby wakes and excitedly sets out to explore his surroundings and meet other nocturnal animals along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the different types of animals you meet in the book along with which animals prefer to move around during the day and those which prefer the nighttime. Find out more in my review of Don’t be Shy, Bushbaby.

Don't be Shy, Bushbaby

Little Monsters (David Walliams, Adam Stower R330)

This fun new picture book from David Walliams celebrates finding your individuality. Howler is a little werewolf with a big problem, he’s just not scary! From vampires to ghosts and skeletons, your children will delight in meeting the little monsters at Monster School and listening to the story progress through onomatopoeic words and brightly coloured illustrations. It will make them giggle but also delivers an important message of being happy to be yourself, even if you are different to others. Find out more in my review of Little Monsters.

Little Monsters

Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie (Jaco Jacobs, Yoyo Prins – R144)

Children who are first language Afrikaans will love this new Afrikaans picture book, but it’s also a great choice for children who have English, Zulu or another language as their first language who’d like to begin reading Afrikaans books. The story begins with Mamma sending Mila and Pappa to the shop to buy milk. They certainly don’t expect a pretty ordinary task to become the beginning of an awesome adventure, where they will ride on a unicorn, fly in a spaceship and even meet one or two dragons! Find out more in my review of Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie.

Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie

I See a Lion (Elaine Macdonald, Vanessa Mearns – R90)

This story about animals wearing woolly winter clothes will make your children laugh as we see a lion wearing socks, a crocodile with a hat and even a warthog in a jersey. As we meet a baboon, snake and lizard all kitted out too we’re left wondering who is knitting all the clothes for the animals. Before long we see a busy spider using her spinning skills to make sure everyone stays warm for the winter. Children love stories about animals and there are plenty of wild ones to meet in this fun rhyming tale. Find out more in my new review of I See a Lion.

I See a Lion

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers, Pan Macmillan and Penguin Random House for sharing these books with us. 

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