My Fairy Garden: Fairy Picnic Basket

Last year I reviewed the wonderful My Fairy Garden: Lilypad Gardens, a flowerpot garden that you can plant for your little fairy and watch as it grows. We had such fun doing it together with the kids, and we have just re-planted it with new flowers to celebrate the beauty of Spring!

Amy loves imaginary play, so she has absolutely adored playing with the new Fairy Picnic Basket from the My Fairy Garden range. The set includes a small and beautifully detailed picnic basket, this basket mimics a rough-textured basket and has a little door on the front which opens as well as two little windows on either side too. The top of the basket also opens outwards so children can enjoy setting up the picnic scene indoors too. There is a wonderful little fairy figure (her name is Blossom) and her bunny friend included, both beautifully detailed and colourful. There is also a checked picnic blanket, a tea pot and two acorn teacups as well as two plates and a cute cake stand with two tiny cupcakes.

The Fairy Picnic Basket is great for both indoor and outdoor play, and I love that it encourages creativity and imagination as well as role-play. On a rainy day you can set it up inside, but on a sunny day it’s also perfect to encourage children to spend time outdoors and engage with nature and immerse themselves in the magical world of fairies. If you do have any other products from this My Fairy Garden range you can also include those fairies in your picnic fun too!

All the little pieces can be stored inside the basket, and because of the basket’s handle it’s easy for your child to carry it to a friend’s house or over to granny’s for a fun and enchanting weekend visit. The pieces are very small though so make sure they’re tucked up safe inside before you do transport your little picnic basket.

The My Fairy Garden: Fairy Picnic Basket is available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R249.99. It’s recommended for girls aged four years and older.

Thanks to Prima Toys for sharing the magic of the Fairy Picnic Basket with us.

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