I have something to tell you (Book Review)

I have something to tell you is an engaging new thriller from Susan Lewis, a character driven story with a strong focus on family ties and how far we’re willing to go to protect those we love.

Jessica Wells is a successful lawyer, married to Tom and mom to two children her life is busy but mostly happy. She’s still struggling to come to terms with an extra-marital affair and fighting the shadows of doubt that linger in her marriage. But little does she know that her life is going to be turned even more upside down when she meets Edward Blake.

Blake is her new client, he’s arrested for murder shortly after he discovers his wife has been murdered inside their home and is now facing what looks set to be an open and shut police investigation. Things are seldom as they seem though, and it’s not long before Wells uncovers many secrets that Blake’s family would prefer to leave buried. She’s desperate to prove his innocence, but will his family open up to a stranger and share the truths that may help to save his life?

The deeper Wells and her legal team dig into the events leading up to the tragedy, the more questions arise. While she’s focused on the case and it comes to dominate her life for reasons you’ll discover as the story evolves, her personal life slowly starts to unravel so that soon she’s battling with choices that will ultimately affect her marriage and her job.

I have something to tell you has just as much family drama as it does mystery and suspense, a balance that’s been carefully crafted by Susan Lewis to deliver an intriguing story that I enjoyed to the last page.

I have something to tell you is available for a recommended retail price of R330.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with me.

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