Looking back, a different season

We visited the airport this past weekend, it was a family outing of sorts. Even though my husband was off on a business trip and Amy was sad about him leaving us for a little while, she has wanted to visit the airport for a long time now. Unfortunately the times that we live in mean there isn’t a viewing deck anymore, but she did catch a glimpse of one plane taking off and see a few parked on the runway too which she thought was pretty awesome.

As we checked his bag in and got his boarding passes, a flood of memories of my own trips came back to me. I am so blessed to have travelled to quite a few different countries when I was a videogame journalist, adventures that I had such fun on and will treasure forever. That traveling came to a screeching halt when I was pregnant with Amy, and since then collecting stamps in my passport has been sidelined.

Having children changes your life so dramatically, in so many different ways, and it’s so hard to describe all of those ways until you’re a parent yourself. Of course I wouldn’t change any of it, it goes without saying that I love my two children with all my heart. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss those more carefree days…days when I could just throw some clothes into a suitcase and add another stamp to my passport.

We have different seasons in our lives, and each season has its up and downs. While I have enjoyed the different seasons in my life, including the current one of looking after my two children, I do still sometimes catch myself looking back wistfully and remembering the seasons that have past. Some days it feels as if I will never have seasons like that again.

While we may travel again (and hopefully soon), we will have kids with us this time, and that will change everything. Yet while it will no doubt make many things much harder, it will also give us the chance to experience things in different ways, and through the eyes of little people who have yet to experience these things in their lives. Amy was excited just to see the luggage moving onto the conveyor belt, can you imagine her level of excitement when we actually board a plane? The mind boggles!

And so a new season will begin, a season to share our past life experiences with our children, and build new memories together. This new season scares me a little, but I also can’t wait to see where it takes us.






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