Nintendo Switch Sports (Game Review)

Game night just got a whole lot more fun…and competitive! Nintendo Switch Sports is new to the Nintendo Switch and is an absolute must for family game night. Featuring six different sports to play, including football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badmington and chambara, it will get the whole family up and moving in no time at all.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Whether you’d like to go solo or team up in co-operative or competitive multiplayer Nintendo Switch Sports has you covered. I’ve always loved the extra laughs that multiplayer brings to game night and this is no different, though be warned that four player multiplayer tennis can get a little raucous!

Each player can create their own personalized character or even elect to play as their Mii character. When you play online you can unlock additional items for your character.

There is an online option available so you can test your sporting mettle against other players from around the world to see how you fair. We loved the challenge this brought and have had fun increasing our Pro League Rank.

The game is easy to pick up and play, using the motion control action that the Joy-Con allows. But you can add a depth to gameplay by honing your skills depending on how seriously you take game night, and even aim for Pro Certification in each sport. Some players may prefer the relative calm that bowling offers, while others will embrace the high paced energy that chambara delivers.

If you, like me, have any football mad kids in the house then be sure to check out the Leg Strap accessory which you can use with the Joy-Con to kick the ball in a Football Shoot-Out.

Nintendo Switch Sports delivers fun, sporty gameplay that will appeal to everyone in the family. Just be warned that you may need to warm up before you head into a head-to-head tennis match of mom and dad versus the two kids, these young ‘uns have a lot of energy! Also keep an eye out for the free software update which will add Golf to the sporting options.

Thanks to Nintendo for sending me this videogame in exchange for an honest review.

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