The No-Show (Book Review)

The No-Show is the heart-warming new story from Beth O’Leary. It’s a tale about love, loss and friendship that will have you hooked from the moment you discover you’re rooting for Joseph Carter, even though he has just stood up three different women on Valentines’ Day.

The No-Show

The book is cleverly crafted, written to slowly reveal a little more about the characters’ histories, so that you will find yourself not wanting to put it down. The story is told by Siobhan, Miranda and Jane, three diverse women with one thing in common, they are each falling in love with the same man.

Even though the love within this romance is also wrapped in so many other things (grief, loss, jealousy, suspicion and even mystery), I still felt like reading it was just like a warm squeeze to my heart. To me the characters’ flaws made them more believable and somehow all their faults made them that much more endearing.

I won’t say anymore for fear of giving away too much of what happens, I’ll leave you to discover The No-Show for yourself and see just how it is that a book can be both charming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.



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