Unleash your Creative Monster: A Children’s Guide to Writing (Book Review)

My children have been creating their own stories for years now, I’m often asked to fold paper in half and staple it to give them the blank pages to start their books. Being a book lover myself, I delight in seeing their excitement at seeing their own book come to life. So we were so thrilled to receive Unleash Your Creative Monster: A Children’s Guide to Writing by Andy Jones and Olaf Falafel from the Pan Macmillan team.

Unleash your Creative Monster

This book is perfect for budding writers to help inspire and guide them with their creative writing. Your children are encouraged to meet their own creative monster and then given different story prompts and exercises to help them jump in and get started!

After choosing a notebook to do the exercises in my daughter was eager to start and has enjoyed working her way through the practical advice and story prompts. Some of the topics include story basics, essential skills for storytellers, the secret weapons of the wordsmith, and advanced writing principles.

Amy is currently in Grade 3 and this book has been valuable in helping her practice her creative writing. The book is written for children and they will love that all of the handy tips and ideas are brought to life with fun monsters, the illustrations really make this guide entertaining.

If you have a child who enjoys creative writing or you’d like to inspire your child to sharpen their story skills, I recommend you check out this accessible children’s guide to writing. With over 50 prompts and exercises it’s sure to unleash their creative monster!

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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