Pandora (Book Review)

Pandora is a new tale of mystery, a story that is steeped in the history of Ancient Greek mythology and one that promises to captivate you with its historical setting and beguiling secrets.

The story centres around Pandora, a young woman who lost her parents while still a child and who must now work inside their once renowned antiquities shop with her condescending uncle. Known to most as Dora, her quiet demeanour hides her ambitious dreams, to be a jewellery designer so she can be free from the sheltered life she is forced to lead.


Dora meets Lawrence, an antiquarian scholar who has made it his life’s mission to document a major discovery and finally earn himself a place within the acclaimed Society of Antiquaries. The two team up to try and uncover the secrets hidden in the shop’s basement. Why has her uncle been so secretive and what is in the box that was delivered?

Within the pages I found a mystery that enveloped me, transported back in time to London in 1799 with the sights and sounds bringing this period to life.  From the pungent smells of Puddle Dock to the overwhelming opulence of Lady Latimer’s villa. While there may be many riddles lurking within the walls at Hezekiah Blake’s Emporium for Exotic Antiques, Dora is up to the challenge of tackling them all in her quest to discover the truth. She’s resourceful and brave; her character made all the more likeable by her love for her pet magpie Hermes.

Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman is a book that weaves together an enchanting mystery within Georgian London. If you choose to step inside this world you will set out on an adventure to uncover the secrets of an ancient Greek vase, and along the way you will experience sadness, romance and even fear on the path to discover the truth about what happened all those years ago.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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