Pirate Stew (Book Review)

Pirate Stew is a new picture book from Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddel. It’s a delightful story that will have your children chanting “Pirate Stew! Pirate Stew! Pirate Stew for me and you!” long after you’ve turned the last page.

Pirate Stew

When it comes to themes you simply can’t get more fun than pirates. There is just so much opportunity to talk like a pirate, tell pirate jokes (how do you know you’re a pirate? You just arrr!), and even inspire exciting dress up sessions. So it was with great gusto and high expectations that we sat down to read the new Pirate Stew. Reading the book like a pirate is completely optional of course, but highly recommended!

The children’s parents are going out for the night and leaving them with a babysitter. Not just any babysitter mind you, but none other than ship’s cook Long John McRon. He’s brought a crew of wild pirates too, and what better meal to prepare beneath a pirate moon than a hearty pirate stew.

Your children will delight in reading this pirate tale as the pirate stew is prepared and the crew set out on an adventure together with the boy and his sister. The rhyming story, the beautifully detailed illustrations and the surprise ending make this one story your children won’t soon forget!

Pirate Stew is available in hardback for a recommended retail price of R275. It’s recommended for children aged four to eight years.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with us.

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