Reindeer In Here

Move over Rudolph, there’s a new reindeer coming to town! He’s as cute as a button, and he promises to give your child lots of hugs as they enjoy many happy adventures over December together. I’m talking about the new Reindeer In Here of course, the new Christmas tradition that’s taking the world by storm.

Reindeer In Here is a set which includes a book and a reindeer plush, it’s the first gift of the holiday season sent by Santa and it includes a very important message for your children. Not only does Reindeer in Here have a special Christmas friend for your child, but it celebrates the fact that being different is normal.

The Reindeer In Here book tells the story of a little reindeer who inspired Santa to send his reindeer to children across the world to get to know them and learn their true wishes. With brightly coloured illustrations and a rhyming story, this new Christmas friend also introduces us to his quirky friends in the book and highlights how we should all celebrate our differences, like the fact that he has one antler smaller than the other. You can personalise the book for your child by writing both their name and their reindeer’s name in the book.

The reindeer plush is really very cute, he’s soft with beautiful big blue eyes, small antlers and a red collar. My daughter fell in love with him instantly and has been cuddling him to sleep every night since they met. She did have a lot of questions about her new reindeer friend, these included does she need to take him out for toilet breaks (I assured her he was housetrained), why his nose wasn’t red (only Rudolph has a red nose of course and Santa just can’t spare him at this busy time of the year), and why he would need to leave her on Christmas Eve (so that he could return to Santa to help with Christmas preparations). The questions answered and her mind put at ease, she promptly named him Prancer and fell asleep smiling holding him in a tight hug.

The reindeer is perfect for your child to take out with them, and the story goes that he will get to know that child as they adventure and he can then help Santa to deliver their true Christmas wishes.  If you like the reindeer can correspond with Santa about their adventures, but these notes are optional extras if you as a parent would like to do them. Come Christmas Eve your child should put the reindeer under the Christmas tree and Santa will take him back to the North Pole. The reindeer will then return in early December the following year so the Christmas tradition can continue!

Reindeer In Here focuses on a positive Christmas tradition, celebrating each child’s individuality as it helps Santa to know them better. Your child will get to name their reindeer and decide if it’s a girl or a boy. It’s a stress-free yearly tradition that the whole family can enjoy.

Reindeer In Here is available online from Modern Mama for R399 each or R750 for two, and Takealot also stocks the set. It comes packaged in a lovely gift box that any girl or boy would be very happy to receive, and it’s recommended for anyone who still believes in Santa! Make sure you get yours soon because it’s going to be a hot Christmas product this year.

Thanks to Modern Mama for sharing this gorgeous Reindeer In Here set with us.

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