Shopkins Wild Style

Shopkins are still taking the world by storm, and Season 9 is no different with the fun Wild Style theme! Now your little girls can also collect the new Shoppets, cute best friends for the new Shoppies dolls.

The new Shopkins range toys have special features too, from colour change to glitter and even jewelled, and let’s not forget the ultra-rare Shimmery Unicorn Tribe that’s exclusive to this Wild Style series.

There are 13 new Shopkins Shoppets to collect, each one featuring a furry finish and stylish outfit inspired by the things they love. They each also come with their own exclusive Shopkin. The Shoppets are super cute, we got Kissy Boo and her shopkin Terri Tennis Ball from the Glamour Gems Tribe. Kissy Boo loves fashion, flair, make-up and hair, as shown by her fun dress with kisses on and her hairpiece which features lipstick, a kiss, and a pretty bow. The Shopkin is matching her style with kisses and a gem heart on her. The Shoppets each come with a stand, making it easy to display them on a shelf or cupboard.

There are eleven new tribes to collect in the Shopkins Wild Style season, and some even have new deluxe finishes. The Shopkins Wild Style 12 Pack includes 12 Shopkins, 10 you can see and two hidden ones, as well as a fun tattoo sheet.  Amy loved the new Wild Style Shopkins, she wasted no time using one of her wrist tattoos and she adores the fun hidden heart Shopkins that open with a message inside (QT Pie and Purrfect!). This season really does have fun deluxe features, and she’s enjoying the colour change, fluffy, translucent, glitzi and rainbow Shopkins that came in her 12 pack. You’ll be able to use the included Collector’s Guide to see which Shopkins you have, and whether they are common, special edition, rare, limited edition, ultra rare, returning or precious ones.

The Shopkins Wild Style range is available from toy stores and online retailers, the recommended retail price starts at R49.99 for a two pack. It’s recommended for girls aged five years and older.

Thanks to Prima Toys for letting us take a walk on the wild side with the Shopkins!

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  • Reply Nerisha August 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Having just done a Spring clean of my girls’ rooms I have to admit I am not a fan of the mini toy trend, all the little nuggets really add up and end up everywhere! But these Shopkins are quite adorable. I wish they would come with some sort of storage or display cases. Would like to know how other parents store all these little collectable type toys.

    • Reply Lisa Trollip August 21, 2018 at 7:58 am

      I hear you, but I agree the Shopkins are cute. I had a little case I used to keep my sewing goodies in, it has a few compartments and I emptied it and the kiddies use that now to store the Shopkins…works like a charm!

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