Zap! Extra Extreme Bouncy Balls

My kids are bonkers for bouncy balls, they would spend every last cent of their pocket money on them if I let them. So when Pan Macmillan sent over this kit to make our own bouncy balls I knew they were going to love it!

The Zap! Extra Extreme Bouncy Balls kit includes a bouncy ball mould along with 7 packets of coloured bouncy ball crystals and a motion activated LED light ball. You’ll be able to use these to create a glow in the dark bouncy ball and a disco flash ball that lights up when it bounces. You’ll also get a detailed instruction book that shows you how to create 11 different bouncy balls.

The kit is recommended for children aged six to twelve years of age, but younger kids can also enjoy making their own bouncy balls with the help of their parents too. Just be careful to help with the pouring of the chemicals.

Following the step-by-step instructions it was easy to prepare the mould, pour the crystals in and then wait for the ball to be ready. Ethan was excited to make a bouncy ball that would light up, while Amy couldn’t wait to create her glow in the dark bouncy ball. Needless to say we all enjoyed a disco party that night with the new bouncy balls!

This is a lot of fun for a weekend activity, it’s fun to do together as a family and will make a great present to a child who enjoys being creative. There are also ideas for other projects included in the instruction book such as making a squishy stress ball that bounces, a bouncy crystal ball and a rubber band ball.

The Zap! Extra Extreme Bouncy Balls kit is available for R236 from Exclusive Books. If your kids love bouncy balls then be sure to add it to your wishlist for after lockdown.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sharing this bouncy ball fun with us! 

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