Ballet dreams

I think most moms with daughters dream of the day their little girls will start ballet. As it turns out most little girls dream of that day too.

Amy had spoken about ballet often from when she first started school, having seen the gaggle of ballerinas giggling as they waited to start in the school hall. My heart melted each Friday as I saw these young girls all dressed up in their tutus and pumps with their hair in a bun. I could just picture Amy looking so very beautiful like that one day.

The next school year rolled around, and when the ballet teacher said she could finally join the class we were both excited. I set off to get the ballet goodies we needed, but little did I know I was about to enter a world I knew nothing about!

The ballet shop was filled with choices – leather shoes or canvas, full circle skirts or cross over, leaotard with thick strap or thin strap, tights or socks. I was obviously in over my head, and decided to return that afternoon with Amy. Together we tried on a few options and left the shop with her new kit. That same afternoon I practised the bun in her hair, but soon realised I had forgotten to buy the clips I needed and had to make do with some I had from my wedding day.

The next morning there was a buzz in the house as we excitedly packed her ballet goodies in her bag and she set off for school with her hair wrapped up tight in a bun. I had been invited to watch her first ballet class and arrived later at the school to find a gaggle of little ballerinas waiting for class to start…only this time my heart melted for my own Amy happily chatting away and looking quite the part in her ballet outfit.

For the next little while I watched as these precious little ladies skipped and twirled and pointed their toes in a fun ballet class. Amy’s happiness was beaming from every part of her being, which made me beam as well. Such a special memory to have, and a reminder of how fortunate I am to not only be able to give my daughter the opportunity to experience these different activities, but also to be able to share them with her.

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