LEGO Super Mario (Toy Review)

When I first heard of the partnership between LEGO and Nintendo it seemed like a dream come true. As a family who loves building LEGO together and as gamers who are proudly raising the new generation of Nintendo fans, we could not wait to play the new LEGO Super Mario!

LEGO Super Mario

The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course has proved to be everything we dreamed of and more. I’m not sure we have ever been more excited to open a box of LEGO and build Mario’s level-based world re-imagined in LEGO.

LEGO Mario is the star of the show of course, an incredible interactive figure that will keep you entertained with over 100 different instant expressive reactions to movement via the LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly. He has a built in accelerometer, gyrosphere and colour sensors and he also has a speaker that plays iconic music and sounds from the videogame. There is even a free Super Mario app that includes the building instructions along with zoom and rotate viewing tools as well as fun, creative challenges to build and play.

The Adventures with Mario Starter Course will see you building real-life game levels with LEGO bricks and then setting out on the course with LEGO Mario to collect virtual coins and facing enemies along the way too. Beginning at the start pipe LEGO Mario will face off against a Goomba and even Bowser Jr. as he makes his way across the course to the goal pole. He will navigate spinning and cloud platforms and even a question block, and when you’re done with the course you can rearrange the LEGO bricks to create a new level.

I love that you can add onto your play experience with a number of expansion sets. There are large expansion sets like Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle and Toad’s Treasure Hunt as well as smaller expansion sets like Mario’s House and Yoshi and Boomer Bill Barrage. There are even Power-Up Packs that allow Mario to react in different ways, Cat Mario has always been a favourite of mine so we obviously had to grab this pack first! And then there are collectible Character Packs which give you the opportunity to build and add enemies to your course – these are also the perfect size for Christmas stockings, it’s never too early to start planning right?

Nintendo fans will be in seventh heaven with this interactive play experience, whether they’re 6, 26 or 46. Celebrating Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary this year makes this LEGO Super Mario even more special. My children love LEGO Mario and can sit for hours playing with the LEGO Super Mario courses, it’s something that I can see them playing for years to come. Being gamers Mario permeates many aspects of our lives, from T-shirts to sticker books, from videogames to boardgames, and now we can add LEGO to our collection.

The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course and the full range of LEGO Super Mario is now available in stores and online. It’s a wonderful way to introduce a new generation to the joy of Mario, I’ve been a gamer for over 20 years now and Mario never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Thanks to LEGO South Africa for sharing this amazing LEGO Super Mario with us.

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