Spoil mom this Mother’s Day with Tora Grace, Lucky Little and Wanderlust Lockets

We are so lucky in this country to have such wonderful local products available, and there’s no better time to check them out than now with Mother’s Day just around the corner!

Tora Grace has teamed up with Lucky Little to bring us an exciting collaboration that will leave you with little doubt as to how to spoil any special ladies in your life this Mother’s Day.  The items are limited edition so make sure you check them out and get your order in soon.

Tora Grace has the most beautiful Samsara bracelets available, the ‘My wild tribe’ engraved bracelet is a stunning piece to wear with any outfit and I am absolutely loving the one I was so kindly gifted. You will also be able to choose your own woodland animals to engrave on the bracelet to represent your children, making it even more special and ensuring it will be a treasured memory for years to come. I chose the bear because I’ve always called Ethan my baby bear, and it’s a perfect symbol for my brave little boy. The owl was a great match for Amy, my child who has always seemed so wise, loves to read, and has a deep love of the moon. My children love my bracelet too, and especially love hearing why the symbols remind me of them, my wild tribe.

Tora Grace is also offering the sweetest Reminders, with special sets for mom and daughter to each wear. The theme for this is ‘You keep me safe. I’ll keep you wild’, with the quote broken into two necklaces, one for mom and one for her daughter. It really is an amazing idea and I love the fact that it is a present that can be worn and treasured by daughters of all ages too. My necklace reads ‘To Infinity’ and Amy’s reads ‘And beyond.’ Such a great quote for my life, and it has meaning to her too since she knows Buzz Lightyear and she loves the rocket and planets on our two necklaces.

To make this even sweeter you can look at the fantastic matching T-shirts from Lucky Little, the perfect gift to make a mom smile with a mom/daughter matching shirt and necklace set. The mom’s shirt reads ‘You keep me wild. I’ll keep you safe’ and the daughter’s shirt reads ‘You keep me safe. I’ll keep you wild.’ I am loving wearing our matching shirts, even more so since Ethan has one too! So, boy moms don’t feel left out, this is perfect for you too!

I’ve had my eye on the Wanderlust Lockets for a while now, such a beautiful collection with so many lovely designs that caught my eye. I also love how you can personalise them to make them even more special. For Mother’s Day there is a unique range of plates and locket sets to celebrate moms, this includes awesome quotes like ‘Messy bun, getting stuff done’, ‘Mama Bear’ and ‘#MomLife.’ So hard to choose a favourite, but the ‘Raising my tribe to have kind hearts, brave minds and fierce spirits’ really spoke to my mom’s heart as soon as I saw it on the site. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this included in my beautiful delivery! The range is absolutely spot-on for Mother’s Day, keeping it real while still being so special. The packaging is always so stunning too, making this the perfect gift.

There are also some other fun T-shirt designs, Reminder and Samsara sets, plates and locket sets available that have been especially designed for Mother’s Day so make sure you check Lucky Little, Tora Grace and Wanderlust Lockets out. It does make it harder to choose your favourite though!

A big thank you to Tamarin from Wanderlust Lockets and Tora Grace and to Robyn from Lucky Little for sharing your beautiful Mother’s Day inspired products with us. We absolutely love them and can’t recommend them highly enough as a wonderful present to spoil that special mom in your life. Local is most definitely still lekker, and left this mom feeling special and more than a little spoilt.

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