Prima’s Top Toys and the Power of Play

Prima Toys recently showcased the highlights of their top toys for the festive season at their “Top Toys for Christmas” media launch event.

MamaMagic’s Warren Murray gave an inspiring talk on equal parenting in which he encouraged dads to be more than just providers. He challenged fathers to be equally as involved in raising their children as mothers are. Murray believes this means helping with the day to day chores, but also finding joy in small moments and being present to create memories as a family. The phrase “Dad’s don’t babysit, they parent” is one we have heard before, but it’s an important one to keep in the spotlight.

We also heard from Dr Shireen Thomas-Stark, a specialist in play therapy, who discussed the potential of play. She believes that because children grow through play that parents invest in toys. She took us through a range of different toys, explaining how for example fantasy toys can inspire creativity while time spent problem solving can encourage planning, and motivation can be fostered through creative play with step-by-step learning being taught through educational toys.

The hottest toys, for girls and boys

Prima Toy’s Marketing Executive Chiquita Patrizi then showed us several exciting new toys, many of which were on display. Girls can look forward to dolls house play from the Shopkins Happy Places, and will also be inspired to collect 12 new Lil’ Ladybugs and the popular DC Comics SuperHero Girls. Prima can be proud of the new Baby Love doll, a new doll called Thando that will speak 25 Zulu phrases and 25 English ones, and is the first Zulu baby ever.

The highlight of the girl’s presentation for me was a Surprise Chick from the Little Live Pets range. It came hidden inside an egg, which then hatched on our table, cute and chirpy it will no doubt be a winner. The LOL Surprise (Lil Outrageous Littlies) also caused quite a stir. As we passed the pink ball around the table, each guest unwrapped one of the seven surprises to reveal a fun little doll inside complete with accessories.







The boys line-up includes the relaunch of the ever popular Ben 10 as well as the Power Rangers Ninja Steel and the Bburago range of cars. The Stretch Armstrong was a fun item to see in action, stretching up to five times its original size! The Fingerlings Baby Monkeys was another great toy on display, a tiny monkey that grips onto your fingers while blinking and turning its head.

You can also look forward to new toys in the excellent LeapFrog range, such as the take along Sing and Snuggle Scout and Violet and the 2 in 1 Leaptop Touch that features a touch-screen tablet.  There are also new cars on offer from the Little Tikes range.  And let’s not forget the new products from Teletubbies and Peppa Pig. There’s also something for mom and dad to enjoy with the new editions in the Rubik’s range, even new miniature items, including a Rubik’s Cube, in the World’s Smallest range.

Exciting times ahead for us as parents, with great options for toys that will inspire and teach our children, but also bring a smile.

You can check out a few photos from the event below.


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